The LAND in the Metaverse

Welcome to the LAND! A place to show yourself and make a profit from it. It is more than just a place on the internet to take a walk. As we take a look at the visual, let’s take a tour of this virtual land!

The LAND is a digital piece of real estate space in the metaverse that can be bought by players using cryptocurrency. Wait, real estate? Is it just a place for housing? Well, let’s go further, shall we?

We can make it into anything; a store, house, or even a place for a community. There are up to 10,000 LANDs in this metaverse. It consists of two types; the first is LAND and the second is CLUSTER, which is the merger of 2x2 LAND. As we can see, each LAND is a unique, non-fungible BEP-721 token. It means when we buy the LAND, we can attach a unique identifier to it, making it special and for our own only.

Does that mean we really can create ‘everything-everything’ in our LAND? Maybe not that far, however, the LAND is a non-fungible BEP-721 token, which means that the tokens can be used to represent collectible, non-fungible items. Such as art, collectibles, in-game items, real estate, and lottery tickets. These are not entirely applicable in the LAND, but these four activities below may relate to one of those above.

First thing first, it’s your own world. Not just playing, you can even create your own game. However, just because it’s virtual, it doesn’t mean that we can only play games. We can also host events, such as having a meeting, a virtual museum tour, or even a concert!

Other than participating in social events (such as playing games and hosting the event), we can also design the metaverse, creating a whole new place and experience. Quoting the definition of LAND, “each LAND is unique,” we can design the metaverse with our own taste and preferences, giving a whole new world to our visitors.

Sounds fun? Another thing that can give us excitement is yield farming! Yes, we can do the yield farming in the LAND. Yield Farming is one of many methods for gaining our crypto asset value. Users lend or borrow crypto and earn cryptocurrency in return for their services.

As we can see, these four activities give us hope for the future of the internet. That is also the reason that I bought the LAND. After the pandemic happened, the internet world became stronger than ever. People do everything online, and we don’t have to go a thousand miles to get things or meet someone. Therefore, places on the internet are needed to create a space for us to do things that we do in real life. These social activities in the LAND — playing games, attending a concert, strolling around the beautiful buildings — can contribute to attracting many audiences, leading to more communities, and creating a whole new society.

However, as the word ‘potential’ means, we cannot see it right now. It doesn’t give tangible profit today, but similar to lands in the country that doesn’t seem to want to be developed, LANDs in the metaverse have the potential to emerge when the time is right.


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Saintia Zahra

A time-traveler in mind. Sometimes writing, sometimes designing, sometimes crying in a K-drama.